Pink Diamond Production And Its Features For a long time, diamonds have been admired and preferred by many jewel lovers due to their scarcity, uniqueness and also the beauty that they come with. Due to the recent amplified availability of the fancy colored diamonds, especially the pink colored ones, the popularity of this item has been on the rise. Popular people prefer to use them since few people can afford them due to their scarcity. A great number of the pink stones that are present in the jewel market presently come from a diamond mine in Australia, which produces approximately ninety percent of all the ones available in the market, although other countries such as India, Brazil, and some African countries also mine it. The pink ones are usually created in the earth’s inner layer during the formation of carbon, which is then combined with specific composites and curtain minerals. When the diamond is undergoing crystallization process, these particular minerals become trapped, and they, therefore, cannot undergo vaporization when they are subjected to the heat that is in this layer of the earth. These minerals that become trapped during the crystallization process are the ones that usually give the stone the pink color. So that some of the companies can create this precious stones, they have developed laboratories which they have equipped with conditions that are the same as those in the layer of the earth where it is naturally formed. Once the stone is taken from underground; it is then curved into different jewelry of which the widely known one is the ring. In line with the intensity of the color that gives the hue, there are different grades of the pink diamond. There are those that have a light shade of the pink color, and there are also those that have the dark shade of the color. Some of the factors that influence the price of this particular fancy diamond include the weight of the stone in karats, the cut and also clarity of the stone.
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Accordingly, the quality and the clarity of the specific diamond type affect its price in that the more clear the stone is with the added shade of pink color, the more expensive it is. Two diamonds that are of equal weight might have a great difference in terms of price, and this statement serves to show the reason. There are basic things that you need to look out for when choosing this precious jewel. A matter of fact is that the diamond should not have any imperfections, unwanted cuts, and chips. In the selection of the jewel, cloudiness is another thing that is worth your consideration.A Quick Overlook of Sales – Your Cheatsheet