We would all love to have copious amounts of space for doing whatever it is we need it for. Some spaces are ample and ideal for any activity, while most spaces must be used carefully so as to maximise the limited area available. What can we do about not having enough space? Investing in clever storage solutions is the best way to organise a space, maximising its use, whether it’s in the workplace or at home.

Shelving is the perfect answer to the limitations of space and storage needs. There are so many different types available to buy, including cabinets and locker with integrated shelving. We all have items that pile up quicker than we know what to do with, so investing in a proper storage system is a must for almost any type of property. Here are some of the many advantages of using shelving:

  1. Adequate shelving creates a sense of tidiness and organisation.
  2. It can save money, time and effort.
  3. Is a cost-effective and economic choice for any budget.

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Shelving can come in either mobile or static set-ups. A static system, as the name suggests, allows no movement and stays fixed in one position. A mobile system can be moved from one location to another and offers a much more flexible solution. Before making your decision, make a list of what you need from your shelving, your budget and what you think will best suit your needs. For top-quality Industrial Shelving Ireland, visit https://www.rackzone.ie/shelving/industrial-residential-shelving

Examples of different types of shelving can be in a wide variety of locations including:

  1. Libraries

Of course, a library needs a lot of storage space for all those books. Shelving is the ideal option as it’s easy to stack shelves one on top of the other to make maximise use of space and all the books remain visible. The shelves make great storage and display items, coming in varieties of metal, wooden and plastic.

  1. Offices

Storage in an office is vital for keeping all those documents, files and stationery out of people’s way as they come and go around the office. Thankfully, shelving comes in a wide variety of set-ups offering secure and confidential systems as well as open shelving for displays and easy access. Good options for an office environment include rotary or mobile shelving which are available in a large selection of colours and materials. When everything is organised and easily accessible, it will save time for your employees and increase their overall productivity.

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  1. Home Shelving

Shelving doesn’t have to be just for shops, offices or warehouses. It can serve a useful purpose in the home too, being used for anything from crockery to books and ornaments to shoes. They also offer a cheaper alternative to some other storage types.

  1. Hospitals

Where else would a hospital store all the equipment and items necessary for caring for so many different injuries and illnesses? It’s also vital in storing the vast number of patient files and documents required. Proper filing and organisation are essential for somewhere as important as a hospital as mismanagement or misplacement of sensitive information could prove very serious indeed.