Are you not receiving results with your social media recruiting?  You may be making a huge mistake.  Your MLM company may be telling you to make this mistake.  The good news is social media and recruiting works well together when done correctly.

So what’s the huge mistake?  Using your company name in your social media recruiting campaigns.  That may seem odd at first.  You may be asking, “How will people learn about my company if I don’t tell them what it is?”  But there are many reasons to avoid telling them on social media to avoid hurting your social media recruiting efforts.

It Looks Salesy

If someone sees you constantly pushing your company on social media, they’ll pick up on the fact that you’re selling something, and may be put off.

It Kills Curiosity

When you put your company out there, people can easily do a quick Google search to find out more.  This can lead them to all sorts of places you don’t want them to go, from a couple of negative comments or reviews, to competing marketers who might be ranking higher in the search engines than you. While recruiting and using social media, remember it should benefit you and your business, not hurt it.

You Won’t Learn When They’re Interested

If your social media recruiting prospects are put off by salesy posts, or sign up with another marketer after googling your company, you won’t get any sign that they’re interested, and will not be able to close the sale.

What You Should Do: Increase Curiosity

Keep your social media recruiting prospects interested by telling them everything they want to know about your product, without telling them your company name.  This will build their interest and curiosity to the point where they will reach out to you, wanting to know more.

Once you know they’re interested in what you’re offering, you can sell them on signing up with you. Avoid the mistake of mentioning your company name in your social media recruiting, and you’ll find success.