It can be pretty overwhelming try to get on top of the rapidly-changing environment of social media. As an organization, the advantages of having a good presence on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn or for that matter, YouTube, is pretty much evident, and sooner or later you get around to formulating your strategy for a suitable presence. However, when it comes to Instagram, most tend to get somewhat flummoxed what to do with just photographs. However, as many smart businesses have discovered, you can work wonders in connecting with customers and fans to create a whole new level of engagement and excitement.

While this may be true of a commercial enterprise, most non-profits still seem to be at a complete loss regarding how to make Instagram work for their benefit. It only seems fair that non-profits are explained the many ways how Instagram can be used to further their cause because at the end of the day the time and effort spent in building an Instagram presence needs to be justified by the returns. For non-profits that are still uncertain, here are some great tips on getting started:

Make a Commitment

As a non-profit, if you do decide to climb aboard the Instagram bandwagon, then you need to stick with your decision. This means that you should post photographs on a regular basis with an aim to build up a loyal group of followers and engaging with them on a variety of issues of common interest. Visuals that are an integral part of Instagram make it easy for your non-profit to connect with network users who can lend more weight to your cause. Make sure that your Instagram account makes the right impression with visitors and do not make them wonder regarding your intent and professionalism with a poorly-managed Instagram account. If getting followers and likes seem to be problematic, you can take the help of services from sites like

Make Sure That You Balance Quality with Consistency

While being consistent in your Instagram posts will enable you to keep your engagement livelier, you also need to follow certain standards of quality regarding the photographs that you post. It is essential that your images are extremely compelling and tell a story that your followers will find interesting. Most non-profits find the task of identifying power photographs on a daily basis impossible. This is where you need to think a little deep in identifying different aspects of the non-profit’s involvement so that you can have a larger variety of subjects to choose from. If there’s nothing new to show regarding the beneficiaries then you could post photos of your team at work and play or even a quote that could provide inspiration. Adding variety is a great way of avoiding getting into the rut of images that fall into the same category that followers can get somewhat bored with.

Make Your Posts Tell a Story

Because non-profits are all about how they have changed the world in some way for the better, you need to ensure that each and every photo post that you do tells the story of how your organization made a difference to the lives of people. Because the fulcrum of your Instagram account is the pictures you put up, you really don’t need to write long stories about how the non-profit made an impact; remember each photo can communicate the story in a unique way. Use captions strategically to tell what followers cannot figure out from the photos. You can take recourse to a large number of photo types to keep things interesting for followers; volunteers working on a project, a happy beneficiary, appeals for upcoming fundraisers, site visits, etc.; the list can be as creative as you want it to be.

Call for Action

The posted photos on Instagram need not be mute visual statements and indeed that would defeat the very purpose of your Instagram presence. While you cannot insert active links in your captions, you can include a call for action. You can appeal to your followers to visit your website or blog or even make donations or volunteer for work. You can show them how to access a direct link that you can include in your Instagram bio.