There are hundreds of bars and pubs throughout England. If you are thinking of opening your own bar, you will need to invest a considerable amount of money in setting up the establishment. Most people think that starting a bar is quite simple. However, you will need more than just a set of glasses, pitchers, tables, and chairs to get your business running. As a prudent entrepreneur, it is important for you to make sure that you buy bar equipment and supplies from reputable suppliers at affordable rates.

The first step is to buy tables and chairs for the bar. You should request quotes from different furniture suppliers and crockery/cutlery suppliers before making a decision. Apart from these items, here are other basic supplies that you will need to buy for your bar.


Beer is perhaps the most commonly ordered beverage in bars. Reducing lead times is essential if you want to satisfy your customers. Most bar owners purchase beer kegs and connect them through pipes in order to provide beer. You will need to connect turn down spouts around the corner in order to fill up beers in the cups. Spouts are available in different sizes.  You need to check the diameter of the pipe before making a purchase. When traffic is high, you can just replace the smaller spout with a bigger one. Bigger spouts can be used to fill large pitchers, too.

Measure Shot Rails

When creating cocktails and different drinks, you will need to measure the contents in the glass very carefully. Some bars are renowned for their specialty drinks, so it is important that you maintain consistency in the taste. Using a measured shot rail is important. A measured shot rail basically includes shot glasses of different sizes. You can use different shot glasses to make a variety of specialty drinks.

Glass Washing Units

Since it is a bar, you will need a lot of glasses to serve your customers. Obviously, as soon as a customer leaves, the glasses will need to be cleaned thoroughly before you serve those same glasses to any other customers. Using a glass washing unit is an efficient way to thoroughly clean the glasses from the inside. Most glass washing units generally contain a set of different brushes. You can use these brushes in order to clean pitchers, shot glasses, and other glasses. You can buy a variety of different bar supplies in the UK from Pattersons, one of the biggest companies in the country.

Cocktail Cans

You will be mixing a lot of cocktails throughout the course of the day. Therefore, you will need to buy cocktail cans in order to mix different drinks carefully. Cocktail cans are different from conventional cans. You can use two cans in order to cover each other and mix the drink carefully. Obviously, mixing the ingredients carefully is very important, so it is important that you buy cocktail cans of varying sizes.