Crowdfunding India has become a viable option with respect to medical crowdfunding and it is claimed now that crowdfunding is the best alternative to medical insurance. Crowdfunding has touched many lives and Impact Guru is India’s largest crowdfunding platform.

There are some diseases which appear commonly in the crowdfunding platforms more than others because of the high number of incidences of people living with the disease, high expenses of treating and more. Jaundice is one such disease. The first thing we should remember about jaundice is that it is not the disease itself but the symptom of another underlying disease. This may be the presence of an infection or an underlying condition with the liver or the bile duct. Jaundice is characterised by a yellowing of the eye, passing off of yellowish urine, and yellowing of skin. To make it very clear, this is the result of a build up of bilirubin in the blood. Diagnosis can take a range of expensive tests and the disease is treated by treating the cause.

Treating jaundice may not be a cheap affair. Depending on your underlying cause the cost for treatment will vary. You also have to stick to a strict diet as advised by your doctor. Alcoholics are more at risk for developing jaundice but by far the most vulnerable group are babies. 60% of all newborn babies suffer from jaundice. Therefore, it is very important to have an effective mechanism, for treating the disease in place especially for the underprivileged.

Crowdfunding India is that mechanism. Impact Guru has raised 600 crores in crowdfunding and continues to do great work in the area. If your family member (baby or otherwise) is suffering from jaundice and you have exhausted all your financial resources trying to treat it, you can start a fundraiser on our website. You need to put in the details of all your condition. Our campaign manager will then get in touch with you.

Your fundraiser will now be shared among your friends, family and their friends and family. It will make its way through the internet and gather collections from all over the world. All payments will be online and you don’t have to run about in your real life trying to collect money. We release money within 48 hours of collection and therefore you don’t need to worry about the time consumed.

If any of your dear ones is suffering from jaundice, you need not panic about the finances. Remember that there are like minded people all over the world to help you. Many lives have been saved through Crowdfunding India.Medical crowdfunding and NGO crowdfunding is in fact quite common. Why should you be scared when so many others have successfully accessed treatment through crowdfunding? We at Impact Guru are always willing to help you. Remember that this is our job to help you. Don’t lose hope.