FA Maker currently ranks as one of the largest secondhand dealer of process equipment all throughout the southern part of the world. They are known for their high-quality Industrial Equipment and world class service. They have workshop facilities and also a wide range of skill making FA Maker one of Australia’s pride in the process or plant equipment companies.

If you are looking for any machinery for manufacturing or maybe recycling, and even for food, pharmaceutical and also in mining and process industries, FA Maker has everything that you need when it comes to used process equipment dealer. They can offer you a product in a very cost-effective deal.

FA MAKER Featured Products

This company is very well known for providing the best machinery that you can use for different industries. This is one of the best-used process equipment dealers. If you want to know what’s hot on FA MAKER with their Industrial Equipment, then here is a short list of the most popular products.

Bandsaw. This is under the meat and poultry equipment category manufactured by HALL. This is a stainless steel bandsaw that comes with a new blade. This is made in Australia and is specifically designed as a heavy duty product that comes with a sleek design. This is perfect for high volume cutting needs for heavy industrial work.

Tetrapak REX TR6. This is categorized in the filling machinery manufactured by TETRA PAK. this is a 2-Liter Gable Top that is an extended shelf life filling. It can add an additional +-90 day shelf life to the last running juice. This purchase will come with a Tetra Case Packer and spare parts are always available.

Potato Chip Processing Line. This product is among Cookers and Blanchers. This is manufactured by TRIPAX. A complete potato chip processing line that is designed to wash, pulp, and create perfect potato chips before it gets baked and packaged.

Meat Mincer. Categorized on the Meat and Poultry Equipment, this is made by HALL. It is a stainless steel meat mincer. This can be used with different products like meat, cheese, fruits and vegetables and also with nuts.

Crush Plant Oil ExtractionThis product is among the Plant Lines. It is manufactured by Sprout Waldron and is perfect for extracting oil from canola seeds.

Amkco ScreenThis is a vibrating screen and sifter. Manufactured by Amkco with a full stainless steel construction on all parts that are set to be wet. This is perfect for screening liquid and powders and is the standard in sanitary screener technology.

How to Contact FA MAKER

There are different ways to contact the company if you have any inquiries about the product. Placing a call on the phone is the easiest. You can use +61 (3) 9314 2511. Sending an email is also another way to easily contact FA Maker. Send them an email with your questions at [email protected] or [email protected] What are you waiting for? Grab one of these best deals if you see one that you can use for your business.