Diode Supply Sections User’s Manual (DSU) EN ABB Oy. All Rights Information (EN code: ) and for the ACS in Hardware. ACS Single Drive Manuals. HARDWARE MANUALS (appropriate manual is included in the delivery). ACS/U1 Hardware Manual to kW. ACS Firmware Manual. Crane Control Program (+N) application guides as well as this manual can be found and downloaded from ABB IHMM.

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Siemens MM Faults a FTS05 – Alarms and Eve OPC Alarms and Events Coal and gas outbursts Comparison of Static a Check air flow and fan operation. Check heatsink fins for dust pick-up. Check motor power against unit power. Check for proper analogue control signal levels. Check Fault Function parameters.

PC stored backup of drive parameters is downloaded into use. Consult the documentation or author of the Adaptive Program. Wait until download is completed. With parallel connected inverters, mmanual backup battery by setting actuator 6 of switch S3 to ON.

Let chopper cool down. Check that braking cycle meets allowed limits. Check manuual drive supply AC voltage is not excessive. Check connection of brake acknowledgement signal. Let resistor cool down.

s communication with ABB ACS – Entries – Forum – Industry Support – Siemens

Calibration of output current transformers is required. Displayed at manuwl if drive is in scalar control parameter Wait for a while. See chapter Fieldbus control, or appropriate fieldbus adapter manual. Check if master can communicate. Informative alarm Check Fault Function parameters. Check there are no power factor correction capacitors or surge absorbers in motor cable. Check that there is no earth fault in motor or motor cables: If no earth fault can be detected, contact your local ABB representative.


Check pulse encoder and its wiring. Check pulse encoder interface module and its wiring. Phase A is connected to terminal of phase B and vice versa.

Communication fault between pulse encoder and pulse encoder interface manuzl and between module and drive Excessive temperature of drive output filter fan. Supervision is in use in step-up drives. Interchange connection of pulse encoder phases A and B.

Let it cool down. Check fan rotates in correct direction and air flows freely. Inverter type is usually changed at factory or during drive implementation.

This warning belongs to normal start-up procedure. Motor identification magnetisation is on. Motor identification is required. Drive expects user to select how motor identification should be performed: Drive ID number has been changed from 1. Wait until drive indicates that motor identification is completed. See chapter Control panel. Wait until drive indicates that motor identification Run is completed. Press Start key to start Identification Run.

Motor identification Run is on. This warning belongs to ID Run procedure. Excessive input choke temperature Stop drive. Check that fan rotates in correct direction and air flows freely. Reduce load or increase ramp time. Limit inverter actual power or decrease lineside converter reactive power generation reference value parameter See appropriate hardware manual. Check that ambient temperature setting is correct parameter Check converter module cooling air flow and fan operation.

Check cabinet air inlet filters. Modules installed in cabinet by user: Check that cooling air circulation in cabinet has been prevented with air baffles. See module installation instructions. Check inside of cabinet and heatsink of converter module for dust pick-up. Macro is restoring or User macro is being saved.

Overtemperature in AINT board of inverter module. Wait until drive has finished task. Check liquid cooling system.

Check motor load and drive ratings. Check value of alarm limit. Check that actual number of sensors corresponds to value set by parameter. Let motor cool down. Ensure proper motor cooling: Check cooling fan, clean cooling surfaces, etc.


Support Centre

Informative alarm Check parameter Check panel connection see appropriate hardware manual. Check control panel connector. Replace control panel in mounting platform. FF39 Source selection pointer parameter points to non existing parameter index. Check source selection pointer parameter settings. Switch control board power off to validate inverter type change. With frame sizes R2-R6 link is galvanic.

If RMIO is powered from external supply, ensure that supply is on. Contact ABB representative if any of asc800 in signal 3. This can be caused by excessive load at low frequencies scs800. Running time of inverter cooling fan has exceeded its estimated life time.

Reset fan run time counter Check start inhibit circuit AGPS board. Check nominal speed from motor rating plate and set parameter Value of motor nominal speed set to parameter Value zcs800 too near synchronous speed of motor.

This warning is active only in DTC mode.

Excessive temperature difference between several parallel connected inverter modules. Excessive temperature can be caused e. Check thermistor connections to digital input DI6. Motor load is too low due to e. Check connections of motor temperature measurement circuit. See chapter Program features for circuit diagram. Check for problem in driven equipment. No data has been copied from panel to drive. Retry there might be interference on link.

Panel reset may take up to half a minute, please accs800. Check panel type and drive application program version.