AD Direct Digital Synthesis Modules. The circuit is taken directly from the example in the AD datasheet. and uses a MHz clock and a 40MHz output. Part Number: AD, Maunfacturer: Analog Devices, Part Family: AD, File type: PDF, Document: Datasheet – semiconductor. Introduction. This module described here is based on ADS, a CMOS, MHz, and Complete DDS. Synthesizer. The AD is a highly integrated device.

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I’ve used a 5 volts 1.

Arduino – AD Waveform Generator

I have no issues with compiling but when I have a freq. I have looked at a number of implementations of the DDS and some say to set D2 HIGH and D low, but that does not seem to change anything much, but it does lower the overall readings by a few khz. Thanks for the video explanation. I have my VFO and amp working to drive a Central Electronics 20a, and wanted to see if I could get higher frequencies from the Is this possible when using AD Based on this site I built a programmable frequency generator using an arduino to control the DDS.

Nice, I also had this going in about 5 mins after ad950 darn thing sat in one of my parts bins for a year — thanks. Anyone out there have any problems getting these boards to work?

The steps are set with a second rotary encoder not interrupt-driven connected to ATmega pins A2 and A3. This is a very neat job you did. Does it dstasheet that much memory and how long does it take to transfer that data? The various ranges specified are as follows:. Hi Bill, Just wondering about not needing the while 1.


How tight is the output sine at low e. Although it claims to operate up to 40 MHz, I found the output voltage started to drop off at about 2. Thanks for posting your frequency programming sketch. It is important to note the scheduled dock date on the order entry screen. An even more clever pin assignment reduces the shield wiring a a mere few wires, where the socket J1 for the keypad solders directly into D0—D7. Please treat me as datashedt newbie to Arduino and programming in general.

Orient the board so that the pot is on the right, the OSC on the left. Thanks for your help!

Testing an eBay AD9850 DDS module with Arduino Uno

Thank you very much, I also managed to have the DDS up and running in 5 minutes, an datsheet starting point. This is my first Arduino ide code excepting pin 13 led blinking. Put a scope probe on the third pin. Its really very weak. Did you mean speck as in piece of dirt or spec as in an inability of the Arduino to work correctly because of specification?

Hey Matt, the trimpot adjusts the duty cycle of the square wave output. Sample availability may be better than production availability.

A couple of people above posted two links with technical docs, thank you for that, I would not have known that one sine output has a low pass filter. The two rotary encoders are soldered to the small front-panel-mounted PCB with the track side up.


Datashest unit will be used to power an ultrasonic transducer running at 40khz. The AD will output a square wave up to 1 MHz.

I have tried two now and neither are working. Do you know what function R13, the little trimpot, performs? I have tried many sendFrequency catasheet and cannot get anything above 10mhz on the counter, which is capable of those frequencies. The first byte controls phase modulation, power-down enable, and loading format; bytes 2—5 comprise the bit frequency tuning word.

Model Package Pins Temp.

Hi Ron, Thanks for the post. Hi, Thanks for your blog. Temperature Range This is the acceptable operating range dataseet the device. An Evaluation Board is a board engineered to show the performance of the model, the part is included on the board.

Do you have a code where you could input a range of frequency say from khz to 30mhz? So touchy in fact that I only got a square wave once after 30mins of trying, and the frequency counter started registering output, and then I tapped on my computer and lost it.

Select the purchase button to display inventory availability and online purchase options. I can send you the schematic and the code if you want. Connected up just like instructed and uploaded the sketch. Just cut and paste, and upload to your Arduino board.