Gail Carson Levine writes her version of what happened on the Glass Hill. “That’s what we should call him– Cinderellis.” Burt this unusual spin on an old favorite, Cinderlla is a boy! He’s Cinderellis, and he has two unfriendly . In this humorous retelling of a Perrault tale, a lonely young farm lad uses his unusual inventive ability to pass a nearly impossible test and win the hand of t.

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Cinderellis and the Glass Hill

Oct 02, Christopher Hicks rated it really liked it. One thing that i did like about this book was that is was pretty descriptive and gave lots of details. Well, it’s a short book and glasz. About Gail Carson Levine. He comes up with an idea to find the perfect husband for his lovely daughter.

To ask other readers questions about Cinderellis glxss the Glass Hillplease sign up. Burt and Ralph take turns trying to catch the goblins they are convinced are stealing the hay.

The princesses dad likes to go on quests and Cinderelllises brothers not ever talking to him. Ralph said, “Rain tomorrow. If so, please consider beco For a complete review, check out my Young Adult book blog: One night, Ellis feels the earth tremble and rock, and the next morning, all of the hay in the kingdom is gone! I say this because of the name cinderelllis gives the main guy character, two siblings that are rude and mean glasa the other, and a contest that takes three days that ends in marriage.

This was a super cute gender swap loosely based on Cinderella plus any fairytale where a guy has to do some impossible task to gain the hand of the princess.


May 06, Leslie rated it really liked it Shelves: Email Address never made public. Mar 21, Tatum E rated it it was ok. Cinderellis, commoner though he be, believes one of cniderellis beautiful horses might be up to the task. Do you like retelling of fairy-tales?

I did like how the things that kept on eating the hay was a huge horse. I liked how the author made the characters switch on and off for talking. Yhe a complete review, check out my Young Adult book blog: I really liked this book because it had so much surplices and it really did the unsuspected.

Cinderellis and the Glass Hill

There are many different types figurative language in this book. The next one is a tongue twister, “Chasam, Shasam, Ghasam.

Obviously, this is a take on Cinderella, but there are a lot of other stories that make guest appearances. It showed a lot of emotion and creativity. You are commenting using your Facebook account. He just finds himself in ridiculous situations that he unintentionally exasperates. Aug 02, Gina Bisceglia rated it really liked yhe.

cinderel,is And the herione is a gentle but lonely princess living in the castle of her father who often leaves her to go on quests. Cinderellis never had anyone willing to listen, and Marigold always wanted to know the “why” of things. Of course, everything is straightened out in the end. Nov 28, pietastic rated it really liked it Shelves: But in this one, I have to show some appreciation for the merging of tales.

The last but not least one is,”He hipl wanted to see if his sticky powder would take him and one of the mares up the glass hill.

She also was mad because hlll had to stay in a tower so that men could come and get three golden apples from her. A very cute and unique tale on the classic Cinderella story. She wanted her dad to stay home so much from his adventures so that she could be with her dad and not be so lonely. A cute twist on the story of Cinderella, with Ellis, the youngest of three boys and an amazing inventor, vying for the respect and attention his brothers never give him.


This was a fantastic, quick read. He sprinkled the powder on his tin cup, and the cup began to rise up the chimney. I haven’t re-read hiill one in a while, but I recall loving it. It was s quick, fun read. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. He wants the very best for her, so he devises a test: Being an animal lover, she knows that most knights would be cruel and force their horses to do something dangerous.

She’s blass he’s actually a monster! When Marigold speaks to him, the echoing inside the helmet transforms his voice into a booming, yet unintelligible gibberish. Luck Ralph said, “Rain tomorrow. Hardcoverpages.

These are all so cute and quick I never say anything about them. Now, if only I could get my hands on some of that flying powder The only problem is– Marigold thinks Cinderellis is a monster! She was happy when she met Cinderellas. Apr 12, Katie rated it it was amazing.