Even after a second read (the first one was 30 years ago) I find it difficult to value this novel. What is it really about? A handsome Prague doctor, Tom. Transcript of De ondraaglijke lichtheid van het bestaan. Milan Kundera – 1/04/ nu – Geboren in Tsjechië – Sinds in Frankrijk – Docent. Buy De ondraaglijke lichtheid van het bestaan 01 by Milan Kundera, Jana Beranová (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices.

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De boeken van The references to Ana Karenina make sense. At times I felt kundera was desperate to done his philosophical musings in robes of an erotic story, he failed at both grounds miserably.

Or the dislocating impact of the Russian invasion of Tsjechoslowakia in ? I even cut Tereza some slack for being a self-loathing dormouse, and the other characters adulterous imbeciles who intellectualise their childish behaviour and hopscotch across Europe at the first sign of trouble.

So everything was going along swimmingly until. The only content we will consider removing is spam, slanderous attacks brstaan other members, or extremely offensive content eg. That doesn’t stop him.

Each part already reveals what will happen in the next part so that you don’t read on to discover what happened but absorb what new he has to offer.

Even after a second read the first one was 30 years ago I find it difficult to value this novel. Was he trying to argue that because human existence and the course of a life is the result of a series of seemingly arbitrary contingencies, it is meaningless?

Often the choice is not between perfection and imperfection, it is a trade-off.

It is also because of this very fact of living only one life that these life choices do not have much weight in the bigger picture.


Only flag comments that clearly need our attention.

De boeken van ‘De ondraaglijke lichtheid van het bestaan’ van Milan Kundera – NRC

This constant need to bed every ondraaglike he meets is not a tribute to them, it is a way of dehumanizing them. The fact is, there is a ridiculous amount of posing in this novel, first of all by the author himself: Kundera is an unconventional writer, to say the least. Glenna Lee I definitely feel this way! Having only one life to live, makes the life choices difficult and onerous. Milan Kundera is a Czech and French writer of Czech origin who has lived in exile in France sincewhere he became a naturalized citizen in Most especially women’s reaction to Kundera, but I did my best to refrain from doing so.

De boeken van 1989: ‘De ondraaglijke lichtheid van het bestaan’ van Milan Kundera

It’s a great philosophical novel. But is it worth leaving behind all that will be lost? Refresh and try again. Columnisten Tommy Wieringa Youp Japke-d. Despite all that, again, I do love some bits vsn his writing, the questions he introduces are important and interesting and things I’ve never thought of before. I mean, there’s being a player, and then there’s Tomas. His lightness comes surprisingly in his rebellion against the norms of family, communism and academia. So my second reading tasted much better, but I still have my doubts.

And yet there is the recurrent almost subliminal suggestion that such dichotomies are false, illusory, and misleading. Helene Farber Provance If you liked the movie you may not bestaann the book because it is totally different, i. It was ok but nothing extraordinary. The face is nothing but an instrument panel registering all the body mechanisms: A good Europop lit-fic offering—a bit outmoded now, like Snap!

Then there were pretending-to-be-deep quotes that just went over my head.

There are such beautiful lines along the way that I am not quoting for the fear of having to choose. He will provide a glimpse of his characters’ lives, hit the pause button and then go on to explain all about what just happened, the philosophy and psychology which drives the lives of his characters and often real lives as well. Deze zomer leest Arjen Fortuin dezelfde boeken als 25 jaar geleden, in zijn eerste zomer als volwassene.


A lot of philiosophy and politics. It is the voice of the emptiness below us which tempts and lures us, it is the desire to fall, against which, terrified, we defend ourselves. On pagehe’s onrraaglijke tired oncraaglijke wouldn’t be!! To ask other readers questions about De ondraaglijke lichtheid van het bestaanplease sign up. Het huis is een op het oog niet per se bewoonbaar samenspel van hellingen, van ruimtes waarin de arme Tereza vrij zicht heeft op de gang waardoor Tomas de benen neemt naar zijn minnaressen.

De ondraaglijke lichtheid van het bestaan by Milan Kundera (3 star ratings)

As a general rule we do not censor any content on the site. Love is often accompanied by jealousy, mistrust, lies, deceit, pain. De ondraaglijke lichtheid van het bestaan by Milan Kundera.

This book was ondraagliijke inbefore Gorbachev took power and instituted reforms, so I can see him attempting to make a real political point to his audience. I was also pretty interested in the philosophy that Kundera was spinning.


They are questions with no answers. De ondraaglijke lichtheid van het bestaan van Milan Kundera. I tripped up over the amount of quotable lines and overlooked the endless use of the catchphrase Es muss sein!