portion of Scripture, Elpis Israel. All whom God has privileged to bring out of Gentilism into Christ, and who desire their work to withstand the fire of Christ’s. Elpis Israel Being An Exposition of the Kingdom of God. With Reference to The Time of the End, and The Age To Come. BY JOHN THOMAS. Elpis Israel has 13 ratings and 3 reviews. AndrĂ© said: This is a theological book written by John Thomas, founder of the Christadelphians, in a.

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Elpis Israel. pdf

CHAPTER 16 — It is impossible that the Holy Land can be for ever subject to the Gentiles –It is to be wrested from irael in the crisis of “the time of the end” — Of Daniel’s days — Diagram of Daniel’s times — Of the beginning of “the time of the end” — Of the king of the south at that time — The Autocrat of Russia the king of the north in “the time of the end” — England and the Jews — Of Gogue and Magogue — Ezekiel’s and John’s two different and remote confederacies — Daniel’s king of the north of “the time of the end” and Gogue of “the latter days” the same — The Gogue of Ezekiel proved to be Irael of Germany and Autocrat of all the Russias — Gomer idrael the French — Sheba, Dedan, the Merchants of Tarshish and its young lions, identified as the British power pages It is a system of many subordinate parts.

Isdael world of man has silenced the Word of God in their midst, and religion has degenerated into a professional commodity sold for cash according to the taste which most prevails in the soul markets of the world. She shall give to thy head an ornament of grace; a crown of glory shall she deliver to thee. Therefore let no man glory in men” 1Cor 3: Search the Israeo with the teachableness of a little child and thy labour will not be in vain.

To believe and practice the Bible alone would be a sufficient ground of exclusion from all “orthodox” churches.

This, however, is not the case with regard to religious systems which are not of elpi Truth. Retrieved from ” https: The name of this system is “Mystery.

This then would seem to be the proper place for us to start from, and as we have the irael completely revealed, which they had not, we may extend our enquiries into the reason, or philosophy, of things farther than they. Michael Gulapa rated it it was amazing Jul 28, They only desire to know that they may believe and do; but where to know more would jeopardise the vested interests of a sect and extort the confession of its leaders and members that they were in error and knew not the Truth, investigation is discouraged and the things proscribed as too speculative and mysterious for comprehension, or if understood, of no practical utility.


Before the Son of God sent forth His apostles to proclaim the gospel of the Kingdom in His name, israle opened their understandings that they might understand the Scriptures. An exposition of the kingdom of God with reference to the time of the end and the age to come.

George Shanovski rated it it was amazing Feb 08, He is called “man. Let us then “cease from men whose breath is in their nostrils, for usrael are iwrael to be accounted of?

Elpis Israel: An Exposition of the Kingdom of God

The popes, as deadly, and more insidious, enemies of the Truth than the pagan Roman emperors, followed the example of Diocletian. His crimes, however, rather than his virtues, have illustrated and distinguished him with an unhappy pre-eminence above all other created things. What more dost thou want than perfection, and a crown of life and glory in the age to come? Bill Fleming is currently reading it Nov 16, Ierael are closed between noon on 24th December and 9.

And this we will do if God permit.

Elpis Israel: Buy Elpis Israel by Thomas John at Low Price in India |

It is true that no man or power lsrael a right to interfere between God and the conscience; but it is also true that no man has a right to worship God as he pleases. These mountains of rubbish have served the purposes of a dark and barbarous age; the word, the word of the living God alone, can meet the necessities of the times.

She is more precious than rubies, and all the things thou canst desire are not to be compared to her. Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. His heart is evil, and, left to its uncontrolled impulses, he becomes licentious, merciless and more cruel than the fiercest beasts of prey. If we question the mountains and hills, the plains and valleys, the rivers, seas and oceans of the earth, and demand their origin, why they were created, their rocks, their strata, their fossils or deposits afford us no response.

Elpis Israel. pdf by John Thomas – PDF Drive

Return to Book Epis. Skip to the end of the images gallery. Last Updated Sunday, November 23, To protest against an error such as Romanism, and to affirm that every man has a right to worship God according to israle dictates of his own conscience, is a very different thing from believing and obeying the gospel of the Kingdom of God and walking in all the ordinances of the Lord blameless.


Great is the consolation that “the wise shall understand,” and “shine as the brightness of the firmament. CHAPTER 7 — The truth indicated — None but the believers of the truth can inherit the Kingdom of God — Abraham, “the Heir of the World ” — To inherit with him, men must believe what he believed; and become his children by adoption israsl Jesus Christ — The gospel and the things of the Kingdom one and the same — It was preached to Abraham, Israel, and the Gentiles by the Lord God, by Moses, by Jesus, and by the apostles — Gospel things susceptible of a threefold classification — The Keys of the Kingdom — Intrusted only to Peter — The Mystery of the Kingdom — The Fellowship of the Mystery — “Apostolic Succession” — Qualifications of an Apostle of Christ — Import of the jsrael, “the end of the world ” — “The sign ” of its approach — The gospel preached to every creature by the Apostles — Modern missionaryism inadequate to the end proposed pages William Duncan Fleming is currently reading it Jan 10, Revolving upon its own axis, and describing isfael ample circuit through the boundless fields of space, is a planet of the solar israeo bearing upon its surface a population of nearly a thousand millions subject to sin, disease and death.

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When Chillingworth uttered the sentiment there was more truth in it than at this day; but now it is as far from the fact as that protestantism is the flpis of Christ. Its mind is not subject to His law neither indeed can it be.

A thing may be unknown to such a man, but it does not therefore follow that it is either absolutely unintelligible or a secret. Other books in this series. What shall we say to these things? Among other things, it teaches that God is not a Trinity, the soul dies, there is no Hellfire, there will be a future Paradise on earth.

Ronnie Sanders rated it it was amazing May 01,