Engadget Distro was a tablet magazine from the editors at Engadget distilled look at a week’s worth of Engadget news, and to enable. The latest Tweets from Engadget Distro (@EngadgetDistro). Our tablet ‘zine may be gone, but not forgotten. Relive our past here and be sure to keep up with us. About the News (Handheld Devices) category. Mobile sites or Apps developed specifically for handheld devices for the distribution of recent happenings.

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W eb-only media properties produce a lot of content — some sort form, but occasionally long form, as well. Not surprisingly, some web publishers like TNM have considered launching tablet engagdet that feature their best online material, packaged like a magazine, but strictly digital. Today Endgadget’s magazine app, Distrohit the App Store. The free app creates a library where the reader can download individual issues — also free.

Right now the library contains five issues that can be downloaded. The latest issue of Distro it is strange calling it that since the app has just launched features Steve Jobs on the “cover”, which really should now be called the splash page to be consistent with app terminology. This is a very simply app, Engadget is not going nuts with the platform.

Introducing Engadget Distro!

But I also think this is really, really well done for what it is trying to accomplish. The app only offers portrait mode, which is a bit surprising since this had the backing of AOL.


But for other web properties this is a engadgett decision to make to save time and reduce the file sizes the issue download very quickly.

But even though Distro uses portrait it is not based off the traditional magazine size, it was designed using the tablet template. Because of this Distro is much easier to read than replica editions where pinch-to-zoom needs to be used.

The last days of Distro

dstro As an example, readers swipe to go to the next article, but scroll down to reach the next page within the article. One thing that is shockingly missing is a subscription mechanism.

By adding this, and pricing the issues at zero, Distro would be able to be in Newsstand. Maybe they plan a quick update, we’ll see soon. An honest to goodness ad! I guess someone gave Engadget some bad information because Engadget is just wrote on its website about Distro’s absence from Newsstand: If you’re wondering why Distro is not in Newsstand, during development we were told that you can’t include free downloads in there, and we definitely want this to be free!

It seems like that may be changing, so we’ll look to add support there when we can. Well, if the folks at Engadget had been reading TNM they would have known better.

Distro: New Engadget App

If you are reading this it is no doubt because you are reading an archive story from Talking New Media. You engadgget be made aware that the site has moved to a new, permanent address: New device that allows you to make The Guardian’s much anticipated new iPad edition r Hearst brings Cosmo and sex tips to Apple’s News RIM says it that its BlackBerry ser Apple upgrades go slow, as if the company created Apple tries to update everything it seemsInter Hearst releases San Francisco Chronicle app update Future plc goes all in: Engadget’s own tablet-only magazine, Distro, hits It’s the Twilight Zone for some app Updates and new launches: Apple’s team starts releasing media apps with supp Apple releases iTunes Ad pages for consumer magazines dip 5.


Foysyth County News releases first tablet edition Morning Brief: Arrests in Boston and threats in NY Media app launches and updates: The Guardian previews its forthcoming iPad edition Netflix reverses decision to split Subscribe To Posts Atom. Wednesday, October 12, Engadget’s own tablet-only magazine, Distro, hits Apple’s App Store; iPad app brings in articles from the website.

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