The internet’s oldest and best chess database and community. C44 – Scotch, Goering gambit: 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. d4 exd4 4. c3. Search the chess games database, download games, view frequent practitioners and. The Göring Gambit Refused by Shawn L. Svare. In this article I shall examine the many plans Black has at his disposal for countering the Göring Gambit, most of.

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Bg5 leaves open the possibility of castling queenside and pushing the kingside pawns, but the 7. The inclusion of the knight moves perhaps doesn’t make much of a difference to its objective soundness, but my feeling is that it narrows down Black’s options more gorint White’s, especially in the double pawn sacrifice line with Most theoretically critical, but also dangerous for both sides!

Bc5 has mostly been under-rated. Ng5attacking f7 immediately.

Nf6, transposing to a line of the Ponziani Opening. It can lead to an exchange of knights, but it also opens up more lines and makes the position more crazy.

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Goring Gambit – Chess Gambits- Harking back to the 19th century!

Nc3 intending Qb3 and Nd5, and it is not clear which is best. Nc3 the Scotch Four Knights Game.

Ng5 sidelines Two Knights Defence 4. Just like practically any gambit, this opening is a very dangerous weapon and since it is not particularly popular these days, most of your opponents will probably be caught by surprise.

Bxb2 Qxd5 is again very difficult to assess, but in practice Black more often persists with the refusal to grab pawns, continuing with Bc4 is more dangerous for Black than 5.

Goring Gambit Declined

Nxc3, but is less likely to be fully sound with best play. White will also hope to get in the d4-d5 push at some stage. Nf3, which allows Black a relatively comfortable game, but here White can complicate matters by pressing forward with 9. Ng5, which typically leads to board-wide chaos, but instead White has rather naively castled, 8.

Nge7 can both be reached via the Ponziani Opening 1. If Black avoids steering for Capablanca’s ending, e.

Scotch Game

If White uses the move-order 1. White simply recaptures with 5. Qb3which probably fall short. Note that the line with 7.


Black will generally aim to develop the kingside pieces quickly and get castled to comparative safety and then hope to exchange off pieces, gain counterplay and win with the extra pawn s. Nxc3 goging comes to the same thing.

Bxf3 Qc4 or Nxc6 the Mieses Variation or 5. These lines are less likely to provide Black with full equality than Nxc6, play almost always continues Although the resulting positions are equal, White often scores well in practice.

Black can also decline with Nxd4 or tambit play a gambit by offering Black one or two pawns in exchange for rapid development. Black is hoping for 9. Nf6 offers Black good chances for an equal game.

It is essentially a Danish Gambit 1. Other declining moves e.

Other methods of declining allow White to establish a strong “classical pawn centre” for free by playing 5. In this case the game becomes sharp very quickly and one mistake can be fatal.