Kadazandusun Dictionary apps is a new publication that have been created especially for all language enthusiasts all over the world as well for those who love. The first Kadazan Dictionary, “Kadazan-English and English-Kadazan Dictionary” dictionary” () published by the Kadazan Dusun Cultural Association. Penampang, Sabah, Malaysia: Kadazan Dusun Cultural Association. Content language: Multiple languages. English. Austronesian languages. Linguistic type.

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I would like to ask Rita if ‘Kadazandusun’ was then in accepted ‘Tinaru’ or Race or Bangsa as a one of the ethnic races.

Readers are now writing to me through emails, and I would like to share with you the following: I have brought up this issue again in this blog but not in madazandusun local papers for e-debate when the two indigenous groups of ‘Kadazan’ and ‘Dusun’ races have been deliberately omitted in the Beginner’s Kadazandusun Dictionary. Thank you Tobpinai Datuk Clement Jaikul that ‘you have agreed very much’ to include ‘Dusun’ as a race in the Dictionary.

Protect and Preserve your ‘Kadazan’ and kadaandusun identities. Tanak do dusun kadus. There has already a lot of discussion on the subject even before Malaysia was formed, and after the formation of Malaysia, leaders continued discussing the matter until the present day.

We provide not only dictionary English-Kadazan Dusun, but dictionaries for every existing pairs of languages – online and free. By the way, I was made aware that there are some indigenous people in Sarawak who are against the term Dayak and would prefer to be called as Ibans, Bidayuhs, Kelabits, Kenyahs, Kayans and so on.

They would probably have a race called “Kadazandusunmurutrungus non exhaustive” all of which would be a mouthful to say. I believe part of the initial reluctance to agree dictionzry the term Kadazan had to with the notion that those who lived in the West Coast areas like Penampang and Papar were arrogant.


Nickname for a swot or studious person, or one who uses needlessly complicated words. What we really want the Kadazans and the Dusuns to be seen as-being successful in their professions and undertaking, in commerce and industry for instance. The fact remains that Kadazan is a race and Dictionnary is also a race, what it so wrong if this two name are united as KadazanDusun.

Linundus Kinabalu: Beginner’s Kadazandusun Dictionary

It would be worst though if they were Dusuns, because why and what freaking reasons do they have to subsume the “Dusuns” after the word “Kadazans”!!!! Do we want to continue at ‘ war path’ like the old days. What good does kadaazandusun bring? I wish to refer to comment by ‘anonymous’ dated 7. Although the term “Kadazandusun” is not ‘universally used’ or ‘accepted’, it was a good start and there are signs that the same-speech community are beginning to be aware of this term.

Quite often I am puzzled that to some the name ‘Dusun” implies as uncivilized race etc, whereas the literal meaning of it is ‘ orchard or farmer. Gundohing Clement Jaikul, Sorry, the promise one has’nt been born yet or still in primary school now.

Meanwhile, I have never heard of a problem between the Kadazans and the Dusuns. Hi all you people who are propagating the newly alien race called “Kadazandusun”, please remember that it was purely a political ploy by these bastards of politicians who have realy shoved up all our arses their imaginary Kadazan and Dusun disunity.


English-Kadazan Dusun Dictionary, Glosbe

As individual or a group of concerned people or assocation can also contribute and in fact more effectively. But admittedly, this is easier said than done for sadly throughout history human fallacy have been often refracted the much portrayed ideals towards personal interest. Did you and i gained tangible out of all these arguements even to the extent of running down our political leaders?

I am afraid I cannot help you in your quest to do a research on the philosophy and wisdom of the term ‘Kadus’. But there are some who prefer to be called Kadazandusun, and it would be double-standard if we deny them the right that we ourselves fight for. I can dictionry that ‘Anon’ is just one step further to come to agreement with what Gundohing Sylvester has said in this blog.

The Kadazandusyn of KSS is reading all the comments from this e-forum and he assured me that he will make his comments jadazandusun the appropriate time.

First the word “Allah” now “Kadazan” and “Dusun” to become kadazndusun

OLAC Language Resource Catalog

The Kadazans and Dusuns have never hated eachother nor have they ever questioned eachother. The same bastards are the ones who are promoting the imaginary Kadazan and Dusun dilemma. I am not a politician, I am a Human Being, a Kadazan. Who the hell are these people??????

So no bigotary here just kulang ajal buggers who do not represent the Penampang people.

SJDisimon February 2, at 5: We respect you for that.