The AF is a medium format SLR camera made in Japan by Mamiya, the company’s first auto-focus camera. It was released in Japan in. Mamiya AFd III combines 35mm handling ease and speed with the advantages of 3x larger image size. The AFd III is part of Mamiya’s SLR systems. Your Mamiya AFDIII is designed for heavy professional use and will give you a long Congratulations on your purchase of the Mamiya AFD III. Camera.

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Mamiya afd III | eBay

This new version of Mamiya’s successful series of cameras incorporates the latest design of auto focus technology. The series was always a fast focusing camera – even under the lowest of lighting scenarios. This newest version takes that design to the next stage. Or, you can set it to “auto” and let the camera choose for 65afd – which will usually be the closest object to the lens.

All data mamiha your exposure is neatly exchanged between the camera and the compatible digital back. It’s all done 645agd – quickly, efficiently and well organized. In addition, separate user configurations can be set and recalled on-the-fly when several photographers are 645fad the same camera.

Finally, Mamiya has designed “Quick Action” buttons which allow you to rapidly access certain functions such as multiple exposure, bracketing, auto exposure lock and auto focus lock. Adapter N2 has a larger base and contains anti-twist pins for secure camera support. Bulb, electronically controlled “T” Time, mechanically controlled Automatic shutter curtain open mechanism opens when film magazine, Polaroid holder or digital back is removed, automatically closed when re-attached.

Located on the left side of the body: Self Timer With shutter release mode selector 2 to 60sec. PH and PL settings possible. No Longer Available Update Location close. Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. Update Unrecognized Zip Code.

Camera Type Autofocus, 6 x 4. ISO 25 to wrzssaszvrwwtbwuwx.

Rated 5 out of 5 by Anonymous from Reintroduction 654afd Medium Format I have been using this camera for fashion, portrait and some landscape photography. I really like the way that this camera feels mamia my hands. Indeed, it may be heavier than a 35mm you may be accustomed to. I use this with a film back and it has delivered high quality negatives from the various film stocks I have used. The lenses I am currently using 80mm and mm help me to achieve my vision and are reassuringly sharp and well built.


Another point I would like to mention is the almost silent automatic focussing mechanism this camera has. I have no reason to use it in lower lighting conditions and so I cannot comment on how auto focussing works in low light.

I cannot find anything that I do not like with this 645add or that I feel would improve on its design.

Mamiya 645AFD III Medium Format

Rated 5 out of 5 by Jeff from A great step 645fd from 35 mm. I’ve shot Canon of several years but always wanted to step up to Medium Format.

I decided at the outset that I was going to shoot the Mamiya like I would a 35 mm. Mostly that’s possible as long as you’re willing to make the effort to learn some MF quirks like how to load the film magazine I shoot film with it for now, but being able to add a mamya back was one of the main attractions for me and the long strips your slides come back in from the lab.

And yes, the camera is noticeably bigger and heavier than a 35 mm unless you’re using one of the big, fast telephotos. All that said, in my view anyone complaining about things like that shouldn’t be using Medium Format at all. The photos are substantially sharper with this rig and that alone, for me, justifies having it because it will give me a definite advantage for some upcoming projects.

Majiya occasion it does show the traditional Medium Format slow autofocus in low light, but that hasn’t been a major problem yet. I haven’t shot it at night all that much as yet, though I plan to so soon, so we’ll see how that goes. Also the Manual says to keep this rig away from sea air and salt water, and I’m definitely going to test that rigorously because I have some work coming up that will take us on ships for extended periods.


Overall I love this rig and consider it one of the best purchases I’ve made. If you want to try Medium Format, this is the best stepping stone I can think of. Rated 5 out of 5 by Aryan from I’ve got both worlds! Since then, I am really really happy with the money that I spent on this beautiful system. First of all, it delivers great dynamic range, color depth and depth of field not comparable to even high end 35mm 645wfd.

The biggest differences are, much more finer grain-like noise in shadow areas, thiner depth of field, higher dynamic ranger and much real to life colors and skin tones. Be the first to review this item.

Write a review wrzssaszvrwwtbwuwx. See any errors on this page? Autofocus, 6 x 4.

Accepts film and compatible digital backs. Bayonet Mamiya AF Mount; M Mount can be used with strict limitations manual focus confirmation, stopped-down metering Also compatible with Hasselblad V series lenses manual focus confirmation, focus aid, stop-down exposure metering.

Utilizes standard screw-in type cable release located on shutter button Remote-Control Terminal: With shutter release mode selector 2 to 60sec. Electronically-activated by Mirror-Up switch on grip.

Enabled with Auto-Bracketing button 2 or 3 frames selectable0. Preview button on front of camera, aperture can be changed during DOF check. Mamiyz prism finder magnification 0. Matte StandardChecker Grid and manual focus microprism for M lenses. Automatic via built-in motor, single or continuous exposures 2 frames per second with new HM Roll Film Magazine.

Enabled with Multiple Exposure Button 2 to 6 exposures or unlimited ; can be cancelled. More exposures may be dialed in before exposure set is complete.

Half-press on shutter release and AF Lock Button. Terminal On side of body works with remote triggering devices and electromagnetic cable releases Cable Release: